We are Affirmant

Through the work of Affirmant Health Partners, we will use our strength as an alliance to improve quality and bend the cost curve and share in the rewards.

A healthy Michigan at an affordable cost.

We collaborate with patients, colleagues and community partners to relentlessly improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.

Better health and affordable cost through clinical transformation. More covered lives and shared rewards through health plan partnerships.

Accountability We are leaders in quality, and hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of integrity and performance.

Compassion We seek to understand and respect our patients, colleagues and community partners.

Collaboration We support, empower and leverage our high-performing teams.

Knowledge We learn, teach and adopt evidence-based best practices.

Transformation We inspire and enable rapid improvement.

There is power in our numbers

Affirmant Health Partners is a Super Clinically  Integrated Network – that means we bring  thousands of physician leaders from across the  state to identify and promote best practices and  programs that will have an impact on reducing the  cost of health care and improving the health of  Michigan residents. Affirmant will create scale but  still preserve the independence of our Member  organizations and Chapters.

Why Affirmant?

The rising cost of health care is leading many of our patients to defer or forgo care and employers to drop insurance coverage for employees and their families.

privately insured adults report it is difficult to afford premium costs

Among Americans with household income less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level ($97,200 for a family of four) 40% report concerns about cost having caused them to defer or forgo care.

The average premium cost for employer-sponsored family coverage in 2017, up 55% since 2007. The median US household income was $57,617 in 2017

privately insured adults report it is difficult to afford deductibles

In 2017, more than half of all Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance had deductibles of more than $1,000 per year

Medical expenses cause 62% of personal bankruptcies

Patients and providers have lost control of decisions about what is medically necessary care, who can deliver this care, where it can be delivered, what constitutes quality care, and how it will be paid for. Yet, patients, their families and physicians have the greatest influence over healthcare decisions. Working together as Affirmant Health Partners, patients, their families and physicians can take charge of our health care.

Affirmant Health Partners 2019 Value Report

To request an electronic PDF or hard copy of Affirmant’s 2019 Value Report,
contact info@affirmant.com with your name, location, company and amount of reports to be sent.

The advantage of a Clinically Integrated Network

Clinical Integration is a structured collaboration among physicians and hospitals designed to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare. Many of our member organizations have established Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) in their regional markets.

Affirmant Health Partners is a Super Clinically Integrated Network (SCIN). We are connecting Local Clinically Integrated Networks (LCIN) with one another and with value-added shared services and support – we are a network of networks. Affirmant will create scale but still preserve the independence of our member organizations and chapters.

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