Lakeland Announces Leadership Team Appointments

Lakeland Health recently announced organizational changes, including the appointments of new Vice Presidents. Several existing Senior Leadership Team members are making career changes in the near future, which provided an opportunity to realign leadership and strategy towards achieving exemplary outcomes, providing exemplary service, and generating exemplary value.

“Lakeland Health continues to be on the leading edge of change, whether driven by the ever-evolving healthcare industry, our membership in Affirmant Health Partners, or new opportunities to provide services to our community,” said Loren B. Hamel, MDPresident and CEO. “As opportunities arise, we’re aligning leadership around enhancing health and saving lives, what matters most.”

Melinda Gruber, PhD, has been named Vice President of Continued Care Services.  In addition to continuing to oversee the businesses in the Caring Circle company — including Hospice at Home, Lory’s Place, palliative care, HouseCalls, and more – Dr. Gruber will take responsibility for Lakeland at Home (Joe Effa, Director), including Homecare, Home Infusion, and Help at Home; Pine Ridge: A Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (Patrick McQuone, Administrator); and Chaplaincy Services (Randy Miota, Manager).

An executive search for a successor for Eillen Willits, PhD, Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, who is retiring in the spring, is currently underway.

Kendall Troyer, currently Vice President of Diagnostic and Outpatient Services, will have a new role as Vice President of Organizational Excellence and Quality. As Karen Kinyon, Assistant Vice President of Quality, Safety, and Performance Management, makes a transition from Lakeland Health administration to a teaching role in the spring, Kendall will work with her to assume responsibility of Integrated Analytics, Quality, and Regulatory Compliance. His direct reports will include Michelle Dew (Manager), Michael Getty (Director), Karen Kaminski (Manager), Margery Lampe (Consultant), Sherry Wales (Consultant), and Deborah Wolf (Director). Troyer’s current direct reports will be redistributed.

Jim Schlaman, now Executive Director of Diagnostic Services, will assume leadership of Laboratory (Kathy Crouch, Director), Radiology (Angie Padilla, Director), and Pharmacy (Pete Paruch, Director) and will now report to Ray Cruse, Vice President Business Strategy & Hospitality Services. Rehabilitation Services, led by Scott NolteDirector, will also report to Ray CruseNutan Dharwadkar, Manager of Inpatient Therapies, will now report to Scott Nolte.

Brandi Smith-Gordon, Director, Lakeland Health Foundations, will transition into the role of Vice President of Philanthropy and President, Lakeland Health Foundations as David Burghart, current Vice President, retires in the spring.

The Wound Center, led by Julian Lewiecki, will now report to Deb Johnson, Administrator, Lakeland Hospital, Niles, who will also coordinate Lakeland’s business partnership with Liberty Dialysis.

Stephanie McNeil has been named Executive Director of Physician Services and will now oversee exclusive physician contracts in addition to her current duties.